about us

Our story

We are Javier and Imke. Javier was born and raised in Mexico City and often spent time with family in the countryside as a child. Colorful fabrics with vibrant patterns are part of everyday life here, and are still made by hand today. Through decomundo.nl, Javier would like to share these artisanal objects with the world, while at the same time providing the hard-working local community with an additional source of income. Specifically, Javier receives all Mexican decoration that he sold through this website directly from local ‘comunidades’ in Mexico. 

We also love to travel and photography and we would like to combine these two passions on decomundo.nl. Because Javier his whole family lives in Mexico, we can of course be found in Mexico regularly. But we also try to explore the rest of the world, near and far, as much as possible and capture it in photos. We would like to share these beautiful panoramas with you on canvas via decomundo.nl.